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Your quality guaranteed by our Free Suit Sample!


What is a free suit sample?


    When you order custom made suits from your tailor, you can see and touch the fabrics, appreciate the patterns and the quality of manufacture. The craftsman takes your measurements himself and sets up many fittings, gives you the opportunity to request any modification all along with the process.


    Nevertheless, all these services aren't available when you order online and you might receive a suit, shirt or coat that doesn't fit you very well.


    That's why we offer you an experience of Free Suit Sample , because we wish to provide every customer the best quality suits when they purchase on our website for the first time. A Suit Sample is a standard suit used exactly the same pattern as the final one, the only difference is the fabric (sometimes the lining too). The Suit Sample will give you the opportunity to modify your suit if you measure your body size incorrectly. Also, if you find some places of the suit through your Suit Sample dissatisfied, you could inform our tailor to modify the styles.Certainly only after you send us the modification of suits, or tell us that you don’t want to change anything, then we start to tailor your final suits. Moreover, if you want to touch and see the fabric of final suit, you could ask for our samples of fabric with Suit Sample.


    Mentioned above are all in order to ensure the final suit fits you perfectly. .



What does " free" mean exactly?



1. Suit Sample making fee: 0 GBP

2. Suit Sample fabric cost: 0 GBP

3. Suit Sample shipping fee: 24 GBP ( you should pay the shipping fee) . The Suit Sample will be sent to you first, only after you send us the modification, then we start the manufacture of your final custom made suit.



How to choose a free suit sample?



1.     Select a fabric for your final suit in the custom made suit section and go to Extras Page. You can't benefit from the free trial suit, if you choose a special offer fabric, because the free trial suit means additional cost for us. On the condition that the option of "Suit Sample" doesn't appear, it just means you have selected a special offer fabric at the previous step.


2.      The fabric of  "Suit Sample" usually is not the same as your ordered suit. We use only the same style.
If you are not sure about the original fabric, you could ask for free fabric samples.



How to obtain a free suit sample?



    The Suit Sample is given free for each first purchase of a custom made suit (if you want). You can not obtain the free Suit Sample without purchase a suit.


Tips: The Suit Sample isn't a final product itself and promotional fabrics have no chance to choose Suit Sample.