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Dear Customer,

    If you want to place an order, but you do not want to take your measurements, or you're afraid of mistakes of measurements, you can also send us clothes that fits you well.

Mailing address:

    To: Mr. Liu

    Address: 88 Guoshi Street, Aojiang Town

    City: Wen zhou

    Province: Zhe jiang

    Country: China

    ZIP: 325401

    TEL: 13868588191


Some details:

    1. We recommend you send us your information with a tracking code per email (to avoid possible losses).

    2. After your clothes is finished, we will send back your clothes along with the new one.

    3. Attention: The meaning of clothes is the same types of clothes, for instance, if you order a suit, please send your suit to us.

    4. If you send us a piece of clothing as a Model, you could not fill out measurements of your body, when you place an order. Only need to choose “I have sent a piece of clothing as Model.”