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  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer WD
    Dear sir or madam, I received my custom suit on Friday, and wanted to thank you for another shirt well made. Send my appreciation to the staff, and most importantly, my thanks to those who made my shirt. Thank you.
  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer KE
    Dear Mr. Liu, thank you for your hard work, so I can get the suit so fast. your suit are perfect and recommendable. Best regards.
  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer GV
    My custom suit arrived today and I have to write thanking you for it. The material is splendid and the workmanship excellent. I have normally had my suits made in London and costing 3 to 4 times as much as yours. Yours is better.
  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer WJ
    Dear Mr. Liu, I got my suit. The jacket fits perfectly now, and I'm satisfied with all adjustements. Thanks for the nice work. Kindest wishes.
  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer JG
    Hello, Those are the pictures of my first custom suit after the sample suit. I tried to take the maximum to meet the proposed testimony.I just want to say that specialtailor is available for its customers, it is very nice for sale on the internet..
  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer FB
    Thanks so much! I just received the custom suit from you guys and wow, magnificent! And only 3 weeks from the time of order to delivery, that’s pretty good for being delivered.