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  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer RS
    Dear Mr. Liu After tried on the suit, I send you this email, the suit fits almost perfectly, and the fabric is very good. Thanks for your efforts. Kind wishes.
  • Tailor Made Coats Online:Customer ST
    Hello. I recently purchased a custom coat from your website and I just wanted to say that it’s absolutely perfect. It just arrived today after somewhat 2 weeks which is fine and it fits me just as it should. Great quality, Great price.
  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer VV
    Dear specialtailor team I have received the final custom suit. Wanted to tell you that it is very nice work and that it fits perfect. Thank you for following my information on the special measurements.
  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer SS
    The sample suit has arrived with no problems and fits almost perfectly so far. Only the jacket is too short (see photo), please make the back 2 cm longer. The front length is ok.
  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer PW
    Dear Mr.Liu, Thanks for the custom suit, it fits perfectly. Also, the fabric and the workmanship are great. Photos here, and another order is coming soon.
  • Tailor Made Suits Online:Customer EP
    Hello Mr.Liu, Thank you for fast delivery and all your help. The first suit of them was very very good! Best wishes.